Welcome to the Westside Church of Christ. As followers and disciples of Christ (Christians), our aim is to follow His words, and His words only. We invite you to join us in that effort.


Westside church of Christ
102 North Coles St.
Casey, IL  62420

Meeting Times

We will begin having drive in service Sunday May 31st starting at 10:30am. The service will continue to be streamed online at https://www.facebook.com/caseychristians.org/ for those who cannot attend in person.

Sunday 9:30 AM:            Bible Class
Sunday 10:20 AM:          Worship Service
Sunday 6:00 PM:            Worship Service
Wednesday 6:30 PM:      Bible Class

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Future Gospel Meetings

Year 2020

  • Fall: Phillip Shumake Aug. 9 – 12

Year 2021

  • Spring: John Gentry April 8th—11th
  • Summer: Kris Emerson July 9th—11th
  • Fall: Edwin Crozier November 4th—7th

Year 2022

  • Spring: Josh McKibben April 7th—10th
  • Summer: Brent Hunter July 8th—10th
  • Fall: Jeremy Dehut November 3rd—6th

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