Who Are We? 

We are simply Christians.

-Our goal is to live and practice the examples of New Testament Christianity.

-Our desire is to teach others to respect the authority of Jesus Christ to make true disciples.

-Our prayer is that we will do this in a spirit of humility so that God's name will be glorified.

News & Announcements


  • Sunday Worship 10:30 AM

  • Sunday Bible Study 6:00 PM (all ages) 

  • Wednesday Bible Study  6:30 PM (all ages)

  • 5th Sunday PM Small Groups (No Meeting at the Building)


  • Andy Cantrell July 12-16, 2023

  • Josh Welch September 24-27, 2023

  • Ben Hall Spring 2024

  • David Eldridge Fall 2024



Recent Lessons

  1. Romans 2 (Part 4)
    Andy Brenton
  2. Play The Throne
    Andy Brenton
  3. Play Romans 2 (Part 3)
    Andy Brenton
  4. Play God Was With Him
    Andy Brenton
  5. Play Romans 2 (Part 2)
    Andy Brenton
  6. Play Romans 2 (Part 1)
    Andy Brenton
  7. Play Sierra Leone Report
    Gale Towles
  8. Play Romans 1 (Part 4)
    Andy Brenton
  9. Play Romans 1 (Part 3)
    Andy Brenton
  10. Play Biblical Motherhood
    Andy Brenton

Upcoming Events

  1. Gospel Meeting - Andy Cantrell
    Wednesday, July 12th, 20237:00pm
  2. Gospel Meeting - Andy Cantrell
    Thursday, July 13th, 20237:00pm
  3. Gospel Meeting - Andy Cantrell
    Friday, July 14th, 20237:00pm
  4. Gospel Meeting - Andy Cantrell
    Saturday, July 15th, 20237:00pm
  5. Gospel Meeting - Andy Cantrell
    Sunday, July 16th, 20237:00pm
  6. Vacation Bible School
    Monday, August 7th, 20236:30pm
  7. Vacation Bible School
    Tuesday, August 8th, 20236:30pm
  8. Vacation Bible School
    Wednesday, August 9th, 20236:30pm
  9. Vacation Bible School
    Thursday, August 10th, 20236:30pm
  10. Vacation Bible School
    Friday, August 11th, 20236:30pm