Welcome to the Westside Church of Christ.  As followers and disciples of Christ (Christians), our aim is to follow His words, and His words only.  We invite you to join us in that effort.

News & Announcements

Online Studies

A new page has been added to our website called "Online Studies".    On this page you'll be able to view studies that are conducted outside the Church during the week.   A six part series titled "Christians & Mental Health" is now available on this page.  Our very own Andy Brenton presents part 5 of this series "What is the Source of Your Identity?"  Check it out:  https://caseychristians.org/resources/online-studies

Gospel Meetings

  • Kris Emerson August 3–5, 2021
  • Edwin Crozier November 4–7, 2021
  • Josh McKibben April 7–10, 2022
  • Brent Hunter July 8–10, 2022
  • Jeremy Dehut November 3–6, 2022

Upcoming Events

  1. Sun AM Worship
    Sunday, May 16th, 202110:30am
  2. Sun PM Bible Study
    Sunday, May 16th, 20216:00pm
  3. Wed PM Bible Study
    Wednesday, May 19th, 20216:30pm
  4. Sun AM Worship
    Sunday, May 23rd, 202110:30am
  5. Sun PM Bible Study
    Sunday, May 23rd, 20216:00pm